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Name:L i l y
Birthdate:Jan 30, 1960

"Harry, you are so loved. Mama loves you. Dada loves you. Harry, be safe. Be strong."

Canon: Harry Potter
Character: Lily Potter (nee Evans)
Timeline: After her death.
Personality: Lily is described as an "uncommonly kind" woman and that fits her quite well. Yet, over the years, the naivete of her childhood has been replaced by unquestionable strength. The moment she - and James - heard the Prophecy from Headmaster Dumbledore, Lily came to grips with her own mortality. She accepted that she was (and is) willing to do whatever it takes to keep Harry safe (even if it means begging dark lords and sacrificing herself).

However, that bravery and fierce drive to do what is right has taken its toll on her. She often dreams about a better world where her one year old son can walk outside freely. Yet she knows that she does not live in a peaceful world. Eventually, however, she hopes that all of their sacrifices will pay off.

That does not mean she doesn't break down from time to time, however. Tears are inevitable. Lily has come to accept this. But her resolve is strong. She may weep from time to time, yet she never forgets her priorities.

Over-all, Lily tries to remain upbeat and, at least outwardly, unaffected by the horrors happening in the Wizarding World. After all, should something happen to her, she would like her son to remember her smiling - not crying. She wants Harry to know, above all, that he was (and will always be) loved. Thus she does her best to see to all of his wants and needs with a cheerful and/or serene air. But children are perceptive. Sometimes Lily wonders how much Harry sees through her mask. At those times, she will hold him tighter and whisper encouraging words into his ear.

Therefore, Lily is a kind, brave witch who is doing her best to process the situation that has befallen her and her husband. The war has hardened her in some respects, but it has also caused her to focus on what (and who) is most important. Should she die, she does not want anyone to mourn her. Life is fleeting enough - why spend it in tears? In her eyes, there are somethings that are worth the ultimate sacrifice - even if one is only twenty-one years old. (And, since dying, her opinion on such matters hasn't changed one iota.)

However, Lily has a number of negative traits too. Despite her bravery, kindness and intelligence, she has a quick-temper (which often gets her into trouble) and a propensity to judge people a little too quickly. However, she is not beyond giving second (or even third) chances. Yet her first impression of others seems to hang on even if she decides to give them another chance. In other words, Lily may forgive, but she does not forget. If the same problems arise, she will distance herself from the person and situation in the quickest way possible - even if her methods seem cruel. She would much rather know where she stands than be put into questionable situations by others.

Speaking of those "questionable situations", Lily is rooted firmly in her morals. While that may seem like a positive trait, it can become a hindrance when she is communicating with others. If their views conflict with her own, she will stand up for herself and put them in their place, so to speak. This trait can be annoying - especially to others who are not as passionate as she is - but she has no desire to change. Her morals have kept Harry, James and herself safe so far.

Finally, Lily, as if it wasn't already painfully apparent, is quite stubborn. But not all of her stubbornness is centered on her morals or her beliefs. Lily likes to have her home neat and tidy and she will not let anyone but herself clean it. She also focuses on Harry's education. Every night, she reads to him and tries to inspire a love of literature in him. However, she knows that it is probably no use. Once James puts him on a broom, even she can see him blossom with utter joy. Still, she tries. That counts for something.

Background: The names of Lily's parents are unknown. However, she does have a sister named Petunia. Petunia (or Tuney) was her best/only friend for about ten years. Then, on one fateful day, the sisters met a strange boy named Severus Snape. Said strange boy told Lily that she was a witch - thus inviting her wrath initially. But, after he had a chance to explain, Lily began to realize that he was right. She had always been able to do magical things - like causing a flower to blossom multiple times or flying through the air without any aid.

However, the idea of being a witch (and thus different) did cause Lily problems. For one, her relationship with her sister deteriorated until Petunia would barely look at her. (Though Lily tried her best to be on Petunia's side whenever she could.) Another problem her new identity caused had to do with being Muggleborn. Severus comforted her by telling her it didn't matter, but Lily still worried that others would treat her differently because of it. She also worried about being behind the other witches and wizards.

When September 1st arrived at last, Lily traveled to Platform 9 and 3/4 with her family. There, Petunia made a fuss and made Lily feel horrible right before she climbed onto Hogwarts Express. Yet there was nothing she could do to change her sister's mind. To Petunia, Lily was now a freak.

Blinded by tears, Lily found an empty compartment on the train and sat by the window. Severus quickly joined her and did his best to cheer her up. But, as had happened a number of times before, Severus's comfort was overshadowed by another's heartless commentary. This time it was James Potter and Sirius Black who made Lily - and Severus for that matter - feel even worse. Finally, Lily had enough and walked out of the compartment, leaving the two pranksters behind.

Once the train pulled into Hogsmeade, Lily - along with her classmates - was transported to the castle for the Sorting Ceremony. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Lily was Sorted into Gryffindor. She joined her new Housemates at the Gryffindor table, but not before giving Severus an almost apologetic smile. He had been hoping she would be Sorted into Slytherin, though, truly, he should have known better.

As the years passed, Lily became a favorite amongst her Professors. Professor Slughorn in particular took a liking to her. He even invited her into the Slug Club - which was a club he himself sponsored. By the time her Fifth Year rolled around, Lily was a Prefect and one of the top students in her Year.

However, not everything was going smoothly. Her friendship with Severus had seen better days. Lately, she had noticed more and more how he befriended horrible people. There were also rumors that he shared their views. Lily did her best to lecture him and keep her head held high, but it all came to a head after they took their OWLs. There, in front of a generous crowd, Severus called her a Mudblood. That was the final straw for her. She wouldn't even listen to his apology when he came to Gryffindor Tower that night.

The next year, Lily buried herself in her studies and tried not to feel lonely. It was during that time that she got closer to James Potter and his friends. (Though she was no stranger to Remus. They had studied together often.) Before she knew it, she was developing feelings for a boy she had thought insufferable before. By the time her Seventh Year arrived, it was a foregone conclusion: she was in love with James Potter.

James and her dated for almost a year before graduating and getting married. Because of the war, they entered the Order of the Phoenix and focused on aiding those around them. However, it wasn't long before Lily realized she was pregnant. Overjoyed, she consented to taking it easy and cutting back on her hours at St. Mungos.

Once Harry arrived, the moment was dampened (slightly) by the Prophecy. Lily did her best to pretend it didn't matter, but of course it did. Soon, she found herself cooped up in the cottage in Godric's Hollow, watching her infant like a hawk. Yet it wasn't enough. Something went terribly wrong and Harry was barely a year old when Lord Voldemort found them. James was killed first while Lily hid away in the nursery with their baby. When Voldemort found her, she begged for Harry's life, offering herself as a substitute. Voldemort took the offer - partially. He killed her and then attempted to do the same to Harry. However, his curse rebounded (thanks to Lily's loving sacrifice) and he was knocked out of his body by his own curse.

Abilities/Additional Notes: Lily is a talented witch. She made top marks in all of her classes, but Charms and Potions were her favorites. She can also duel with the best of them and she is an experienced Healer. (Well, as experienced as she could be given she dies so young.)

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